Yggdrasil Gaming is a developer that is lighting up the world of online casino gaming as few developers have done before. Time after time in 2015 they proved themselves to be both innovative and creative, with Yggdrasil powered casinos shooting up the ranks at CasinoOnline.fans and several other leading game portals. Once labelled as an overachiever, Yggdrasil Gaming is a developer that has its finger on the pulse of all industry goings on.

New games and new developments have made Yggdrasil Gaming the name to watch in the eyes of major analysts. Not only that, players have flocked to Yggdrasil Gaming software as more and more see the fun potential that they offer up. As the industry pushes forward, Yggdrasil Gaming continues to stand at the forefront of industry progress. In an end of year statement Yggdrasil Gaming said that they were ending the year on a “high note” and were “excited” for what the New Year will bring. Ending on a bang, if you like online casino gaming, make sure you keep one eye locked on Yggdrasil Gaming in 2016.

Hit for Six

Throughout 2015 Yggdrasil Gaming put the pedal to the floor to push the boundaries of what the company could achieve. Through some careful culmination and dedicated work, several new games helped solidify the reputation of Yggdrasil Gaming as one of the best developers on the planet. The online casino developer’s growth can largely be attributed to how they have conducted business. Taking on some serious options, they have announced distribution deals with six notable slot brands. Adding new clients to the mix have helped Yggdrasil Gaming progress as a company, with their game offerings finding brand new eyes.

Hot New Deals

Speaking on the brand new deals in-depth, landmark agreements have been put in place with the likes of Monte Carlo, BetClic, and Expekt. This means that in 2016 and beyond Yggdrasil Gaming titles will appear under the Everet umbrella for the first time. Adding to the three key names, Yggdrasil Gaming software is also being made available through Kaboo, Sunmaker, and the Casumo backed Casino Heroes. Looking at the deals it is clear that they represent a step in the right direction for Yggdrasil Gaming, as they will be loading up such providers with 12 video slots. What players at such online casinos can look forward to is playing with specialist Yggdrasil Gaming API technology, in-game Launch Boost features, and an array of unique promotional tools such as Super Free Spins.

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Increased Focus

As mentioned above, the arrival of Launch Boost is clearly key to Yggdrasil Gaming operations as they move forward. This is because is it is aiding Yggdrasil Gaming in becoming a more agile and adaptable company as they move forward. Speaking on where it comes into play, company head Fredrik Elmqvist has said that it ties in with Yggdrasil Gaming’s gamification efforts, “Launch Boost is what is going to take us a company to the next level, so players should certainly watch this space when it comes to Yggdrasil Gaming in 2016”.

Arriving with a Bang

With all that Yggdrasil Gaming achieved you could be forgiven in thinking that the developer would take it easy heading into the New Year. However, it seems that the brand is all set to hit New Year and 2016 in general with great gusto.

When it comes to US based sports, Basketball ranks are one of the most popular. From Alaska to Alabama, millions around the country regularly stop to ‘shoot hoops’. Given how regularly the game is played and how popular NBA games are from a TV perspective, it was only a matter of time before a developer saw the potential is basketball themed slots game. Stepping up to three-point line when it comes to such matter is Microgaming, who are soon to debut Basketball Star.

Play with Style

The “Star” range of games from Microgaming has been around a while now, with the main criticism of such games being their design. It seems that players haven’t really found much to like about their generic and unbranded styling. In attempt to right previous wrongs, Basketball Star looks to take the series in a new direction in the design stakes. While it is a game that doesn’t feature any NBA branding, it does look like a much more polished title than its predecessors in Rugby Star and Cricket Star. If you log-on to play Basketball Star and expect a visual explosion you may be left disappointed, but there is no denying that what’s on show is a step in the right direction for the series.

Shoot for Glory

Style has never been the strongpoint of the “Star” game series, but gameplay is a different matter entirely. Basketball Star doesn’t miss a beat, as it delivers a thrill minute affair. In attempt to recreate the action found basketball courts around the United States it offers up 5 reels and 243 paylines. It is set up to allow players to max-out their betting efforts and go for it all should they so wish. If a player is feeling brave they can actually bet 50 lines on a single spin. Given the number of symbols and betting opportunities on offer, Basketball Star definitely provides a highly competitive game experience. In-game symbols represent players and basketball equipment, with every player’s goal to be to line these symbols up to create winning combinations. An interesting element within the game is the Rolling Reels Feature, popular amongst other Microgaming titles, it is great to see it implemented here. What this means is that players have the chance to re-spin the wheels off of the back of an original win, meaning that back-to-back successes are certainly not out of the question. Basketball Star also features Wilds too, so free spins and multipliers are easily accessible.

Off the Bench

Not to ignore tradition, Basketball Star also packs in plenty of special features. The pick of the bunch when it comes to such is a Free Spin Bonus Round. Unlocked the through the landing of a select reel combination, this game allows players to spin the reels for free and possibly win a whole host off cash prizes. It isn’t the big selling point of Basketball Star, but it does represent a nice little add-on.


The NBA season is all set to kick-off on October 27th, while a brand new slot game has been released to help get you in the mood. Basketball Star is a high-energy, fast-paced affair that presents players with some sport inspired slots action. Set to debut at most Microgaming casinos soon – you can find over 20 of them at http://www.mrcasinon.com – Basketball Star has all the credentials to become an online casino success story.